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BC BlackVenom OG 3x0.5gCrafted by Okanna Craft

  • About Venom OG 3x0.5g
    Venom OG was created by the cannabis breeder, Rare Dankness, and grown by micro-cultivator Okanna Craft in Kelowna, BC. This cultivar is a cross between Rare Dankness #1 and Poison OG, both of which have Chemdawg heritage. Emitting an earthy, skunk-like aroma and a flavour reminiscent of diesel, Venom OG is is an extremely potent offering for the most experienced connoisseurs. As with all our BC Black offerings, this pre-roll is proudly comprised of whole flower inputs only; no sticks, stems or shake are used to create this quality craft product.
    Rare Dankness #1 x Poison OG
  • Size & Format
    Unit Size
    Case Size
    12/ case
    Pre-roll Tube
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    AB SKU: CNB-08905986
  • GTIN Information
    UPC Number: 83663700937
    Unit GTIN: 00836637009372
    Case GTIN: 10836637009379

Registered Range
24 - 30%
0 - 1%

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About Okanna CraftLocated in: Kelowna

Master Grower:
Travis Tully

Growing Since:

Cultivation Method:
Grown in Pots Using Coco | LED Lighting

Wet Hand Trim | Cold Dry | Cold Cure

Master Grower Travis Tully first learned his craft as a teenager over the shoulder of his OG grower Dad. He mastered his skills over the next 20 years in Kelowna BC and helped open Okanna Craft, a family run small business with a grass roots approach. Travis’ intimate relationship with the cannabis plant extends well beyond their facility to the private garden where Travis is a very humble bee keeper and steward of the land. Okanna Craft was known for growing the highest quality medicinal cannabis and now brings that same attention to quality to the recreational market.

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