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BC BlackMango Mac 5x0.5gCrafted by Victoria Cannabis Co.

  • About Mango Mac 5x0.5g
    Mango Mac is a super rare sativa dominant flower, created through crossing Mango Kush with the hard-to-find AMG Haze strain. This unique cultivar looks similar to a MAC strain with its frosty coating of trichomes, while expressing like Mango Kush with it's loud mango nose. This flower offering has neon green buds coated in milky trichomes, with one of the tightest trim jobs ever seen on the rec. market. If you are a fan of the myrcene terpene, do not sleep on this flavourful strain.
    Mango Kush x Haze
  • Size & Format
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    12/ case
    Pre-roll Tube
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    BC SKU: 1051994
  • GTIN Information
    UPC Number: 83663700935
    Unit GTIN: 00836637009358
    Case GTIN: 10836637009355

Registered Range
24 - 30%

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Taylor King

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Cultivation Method:
Living Organic Soil | LED Lighting

Cold Cured for 6-Weeks Total and Hand Trimmed

The Victoria Cannabis Company is a Micro Cultivation team made up of true British Columbia Legacy operators. Each member of the team has their own deep connection and history with the plant. From the basements of East Vancouver to the clandestine valleys of the interior, the knowledge, passion and perseverance of this team have culminated together to grow Craft Flower worthy of the historical significance of British Columbia Cannabis. Like the members of their team, each cultivar has its own story, profile and history. The Victoria Cannabis Company is located in Victoria West, a stones throw from the Inner Harbour on Vancouver Island. It is comprised of 2 Micro Cultivation facilities and one Nursery, licensed by Health Canada.

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