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BC BlackShockwave 3.5gCrafted by PureFire

  • About Shockwave 3.5g
    Shockwave, bred by Exotic Genetix and grown by Pure Fire Co. out of Penticton, BC, is a Sativa-dominant strain made by crossing Falcon 9 and Strawberries & Cream. Given this cultivar's lineage, it's no surprise that the flavour profile of bright, sugary berries which sweep the palette initially are followed with an exhale of floral notes and spice. The aroma of the strain is a pungent, earthy sensation with a hint of skunk, blueberries, and gas finish. The flowers have a beautiful structure with the slightest fox tailing and a heavy coating of sparkling trichomes. PureFire Co. is known for growing BC quad exotics, bringing 30+ years of cultivation expertise as well as a partnership with legacy breeder, BC Smokehouse.
    Falcon 9 x Strawberries & Cream
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    12/ case
    Mylar Bag
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    UPC Number: 83663700948
    Unit GTIN: 00836637009488
    Case GTIN: 10836637009485

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Registered Range
25 - 31%
0 - 1%
Terpenes 3.68%
0.90% wt
0.46% wt
0.23% wt

Total CBD: 0.97%


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About PureFireLocated in: Penticton

Master Grower:
Cody Lewis

Growing Since:

Cultivation Method:
Grows in Soil Pots | Highly Manicured

2-Week Hang Dry | Hand Trim | 2-3 Week Cold Cure

Over 40 years in the making, PureFire was established to bring legacy genetics and expertise to the recreational cannabis market. Founder Cody Lewis has inherited a wealth of knowledge from his father Bill who has been involved in the legacy cannabis industry since the early 1980’s. With Bill’s knowledge and Cody’s drive for excellence, PureFire is more than just a family affair, it is a passion project built on tradition, quality, and a pursuit of the finest cannabis experience. Their in-house genetics were developed from strains dating back to the 90's and includes unique blends and hard to find strains. PureFire delivers the perfect smoke from every single bud leading their facility.

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