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Joint Venture Craft CannabisPremium Craft Pre-Rolls

  • About Premium Craft Pre-Rolls
    Grump Weed adds to their repertoire of decadent, high potency strains with Ice Cream Cake. This wildly popular fusion of Wedding Cake and Gelato #33, has realized its full potential in Grump's high tech, small-batch environment. Boasting over 5% Terpenes, effects of Grump Ice Cream Cake are greatly increased and include a warm, relaxing body stone. Flavours are as delicious as the name would suggest.
    Indica Hybrid
    Ice Cream Cake
  • Size & Format
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    Case Size
    12/ case
    Pre-roll Case
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  • GTIN Information
    UPC Number: 62817667511
    Unit GTIN: 00628176675114
    Case GTIN: 10628176675111

Registered Range
18 - 22%
0 - 1%
Terpenes 5.19%
1.82% wt
0.75% wt
0.64% wt

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About Grump Weed

Grump Weed Inc. is a small Canadian craft cannabis company located in Minnedosa, MB. Our goal is to produce consistent AAAA quality, pesticide-free cannabis, sold at fair prices. We accomplish this by growing cannabis small scale, using advanced aeroponic growing techniques, using genetics from the top breeders in the world, with local owners who give personal care to each plant. Growing cannabis small scale allows us to create the perfect environment for our plants. It allows us to give personalized training and attention to each plant. It allows us to ensure every plant is receiving the perfect ingredients. All of our flowers are hung to dry, slow cured and hand-trimmed. Aeroponic automation ensures that each strain has fully automated instructions. Each strain is unique and requires different ingredients and grow instructions throughout the grow cycle. To ensure consistency, we fully automate light cycles, light intensity, room temperature, room humidity, pH levels, water temperature, pump pressure, total dissolved solids or electrical conductivity, carbon dioxide levels, and nutrients. Everything is controlled and monitored 24/7 through a computer.

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