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BC BlackTom Ford Island PinkCrafted by 7Green

Registered Range
19 - 27%
0 - 1%
Terpenes 4.52%
1.34% wt
0.83% wt
0.39% wt

Total CBD: 0.61%

*Our products are craft! As such, you can expect variations from batch to batch. Results listed above are representative of our latest Certificate of Analysis and may differ from other batches which are currently on the market. For best results, input your CC Number to return exact results.

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About 7GreenLocated in:

The 7Green team grows our plants indoors, inside a built-for-purpose facility which is designed to recreate the exact environment that our plants need to flourish. 7Green has constructed a super modern building and installed ultra-efficient equipment that allows each of our rooms to have its own weather system and are completely isolated from each other and the weather outside. The result is the ability to grow the finest cannabis all year long, while maintaining high levels of energy efficiency. We chose to focus on growing our plants in small batches with personal attention by our team of experienced master growers. The same growers who carefully selected our inventory of unique strains to meet the needs of our local market.

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