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Bud CoastFunfetti

  • About Funfetti
    Funfetti is a hybrid, at about 60% Indica and 40% Sativa. Funfetti crosses the secret cookies strain with cherry pie, creating a dense bud structure that showcases earthy notes of pine with dominant hints of vanilla cake. It's green coloured buds sparkle with frosty trichomes and amber pistils. This cultivar is sure to please, with a smooth burn and white ash. Funfetti was grown by Truth Holdings, a micro cultivator in Duncan, BC, that uses hydroponic cultivation methods with rock wool as their growing medium. Hang dried and hand trimmed, this is beautifully grown and harvested cannabis is grown in BC on Vancouver Island.
  • Size & Format
    Unit Size
    Case Size
    4/ case
    Mylar Bag
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    MB SKU: 44029
  • GTIN Information
    UPC Number: 62817667550
    Unit GTIN: 00628176675503
    Case GTIN: 10628176675500

Registered Range
21 - 25%
Terpenes 4.17%
0.95% wt
0.95% wt
0.81% wt

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About Bud Coast

Our team at Bud Coast has over 100 years of cannabis experience, and we acknowledge that this industry has existed for years in the BC underground market. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel, we still call cannabis “weed” and genetics “strains”. There’s no posturing here, just good vibes, great weed, and our team doing what we’ve always done best, sharing phenomenal BC bud with the world.

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