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Pistol And ParisOrange Tingz 10x0.5g

  • About Orange Tingz 10x0.5g
    This Indica leaning Hybrid is a cross between Slurricane and TMAC. Rolled with buds heavily frosted and sticky to the touch while the flavour leans sweet with subtle grape and berry undertones. The dominant terpenes in this cultivar are Limonene, Trans-Caryophyllene and Ocimene. Reviewers say that Orange Tingz makes for a perfect after dinner, sweet dessert cannabis experience.
    Slurricane x TMAC
  • Size & Format
    Unit Size
    Case Size
    6/ case
    Pre-Roll Case
  • Provincial Availability

    BC SKU: 1045830
  • GTIN Information
    UPC Number: 62817667563
    Unit GTIN: 00628176675633
    Case GTIN: 10628176675630

Registered Range
23 - 28%
0 - 1%

Total CBD: <0.10%

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About Pistol And Paris

With 20 years of experience in the legacy market, the Pistol And Paris team is now bringing the same BC bud you've smoked for years to the legal market. The Pistol And Paris brand is all about high-end, gassy, cannabis from specialized small gardens. Their team personally inspects every lot travelling throughout BC to find top, craft-quality cannabis to put into their brand.

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