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BC BlackZkittlez 3.5gCrafted by StoneGrove

  • About Zkittlez 3.5g
    Zkittlez is a renowned Indica-dominant strain which is a descendant of Grape Ape and Grapefruit strains. It erupts with grape and fruity flavours, and the aroma is that of berries and lemons. You can expect vibrant orange hairs on this densely packed bud and a dusting of white crystals. Zkittlez’ effects are powerful with a potency of 21-25% THC.
    Grape Ape x Grapefruit
  • Size & Format
    Unit Size
    Case Size
    12/ case
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  • GTIN Information
    UPC Number: 62817667582
    Unit GTIN: 00628176675824
    Case GTIN: 10628176675821

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Registered Range
21 - 25%
0 - 1%
Terpenes 2.97%
1.24% wt
0.38% wt
0.37% wt

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About StoneGroveLocated in: Golden

Master Grower:
Scott Rutledge

Growing Since:

Cultivation Method:
Grown soilless in Pro-Mix | Hand Watered

Slow Dried | Hand Trimmed

Home to the legendary Master Grower Scott Rutledge, Golden BC’s Stone Grove is proving to be just as popular on the legal market as they were in their legacy days. Scott’s boutique style cannabis is sure to put a huge smile on your face when you see it, smell it and taste it. Scott and his team are laser focused on producing the highest quality flower imaginable. Watch for some really exciting genetics they have in the works that promise to impress even your most discerning high end cannabis consumer.

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