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BC BlackPakalolo Punch 3x0.5gCrafted by Living Cannabis

  • About Pakalolo Punch 3x0.5g
    BC Black is proud to introduce cannabis smokers to Living Cannabis, and their flagship strain - Pakalolo Punch. Pipeline Hashplant x Hawaiian Sativa were combined to create this Indica-dominant bud, which is tended with care in their Living Soil. This thriving ecosystem of peat moss, microbes, fungi, worms, and other live elements make a healthy environment for this cannabis to thrive. The added nutrients in the soil give Pakalolo Punch a highly aromatic quality, and coupled with its exceptional potency and flavourful smoke, this Craft grown cannabis will be a hit amongst cannabis consumers everywhere. As with all our premium pre-rolls, BC Black uses whole flower inputs only to create the same cannabis you know and love in our whole flower offerings, but in a convenient, ready-to-smoke pre-roll format.
    Pipeline Hashplant x Hawaiian Sativa
  • Size & Format
    Unit Size
    Case Size
    12/ case
    Pre-roll Tube
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  • GTIN Information
    UPC Number: 62817667540
    Unit GTIN: 00628176675404
    Case GTIN: 10628176675401

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Registered Range
24 - 28%
0 - 1%
Terpenes 2.08%
0.23% wt
0.23% wt
0.19% wt

Total CBD: 0.07%


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About Living CannabisLocated in: Spallumcheen

Master Grower:
Gerrit Richards

Growing Since:

Cultivation Method:
Living Soil and HID/LED Lighting | Organic Inputs Only

Cured in 60/60 room for 2-Weeks | Hand Trimmed | 10-Day Post-Trim Cure

Nestled in the North Okanagan, this Cannabis farm exemplifies a steadfast commitment to wholesome sustainability, with partial Indigenous ownership. The passionate team at Living Cannabis are continuously refining their process, utilizing organic living soil and creating an environment where their plants can flourish and express their maximum genetic potential. Through the implementation of holistic and regenerative gardening practices, they have successfully nurtured a remarkable assortment of high potency strains, featuring rich terpene profiles and captivating aromas reminiscent of the sun-soaked fields in California's renowned Emerald Triangle. For environmentally conscious customers seeking the epitome of eco-friendly options, Living Cannabis unquestionably checks all the boxes.

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