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Nestled in the heart of British Columbia, DEALR embodies the spirit of the pre-legal cannabis era. We pay homage to the pioneers, offering unique genetics with high potency and intricate terpene profiles, all delivering AAAA quality bud. We stand with small businesses, mom-and-pop farmers, and craft cultivators who transitioned from the legacy market, bringing decades of knowledge to the recreational market. Born from BC cannabis, we proudly represent the region renowned for the world's finest cannabis, with roots deep in the pre-legal market. DEALR sets itself apart by curating an experience that recalls legacy days, but delivers more quality, variety, and above all, craft representation, bridging the gap between the past and present, and ensuring the rich tapestry of cannabis history endures. Support British Columbia’s favourite DEALR and support a commitment to authenticity, quality and the enduring spirit of the cannabis community. As we navigate the legal landscape, we carry with us the stories of the past, the innovation of the present, and the promise of a legendary future. Welcome to the new era of cannabis. Welcome to DEALR.

Some of the products we helped bring to market:

Cadillac Rainbow 3.5g

DEALR introduces Cadillac Rainbow, bred by 3rd Coast Genetics. This incredible cross of Pure Michigan and Runtz, is a bold addition to your cannabis collection! This exceptional cultivar boasts earthen fruit and diesel notes, accompanied by subtle hints of sour, cherry and mint. The flowers are glistening with trichomes and are lime and dark green, highlighted with violet and showcases a spectacular bud structure. Elevate your experience with Cadillac Rainbow, the epitome of top-tier cannabis gear.

Alien Ice Craft 28g

Alien Ice, an Indica-Dominant flower, emerges from the genetic fusion of Mac V2 with a blend of Ice Cream Cake and Jealousy. Its mesmerizing appearance features extra sparkles against an olive green backdrop, complemented by darker blue tones and occasional orange pistils. This strain boasts a frosty coating and emits a distinctive aroma reminiscent of pine, cream, and earthen fuel.

Blueberry Frost 5x0.5g

This frosty purple hybrid is a cross of Blueberry Syrup and Permafrost bred in the Shuswap region of BC by an unnamed legacy cultivator. Blueberry Syrup bred by Social Genetics (a cross of Blueberry and Humble Pie) is crossed with Permafrost bred by Rogue Buds (a cross of Trainwreck and White Widow) to create Blueberry Frost. This cultivar showcases beautiful trichome density on every surface and has a beautiful lilac colour. The nose is sweet like fresh blueberries with mellow earth notes with a sharper gas finish.