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Backwoods BC

This grow is old-school; Headed up by female Master Grower, Tara Kirkpatrick with over 20+ years in the legacy market. Tara even has connections in the Medical Cannabis industry, developing the life-saving strain, Haley's Comet, which went on to provide relief for children suffering from epilepsy here in Canada. Backwoods BC now turns their attention to the Recreational market, bringing with them the same old-school and hard to find legacy strains they grew before legalization.

Some of the products we helped bring to market:

Juicy Fruit

Juicy Fruit, a landrace strain by Sensi Seeds is an old-school classic that generations have enjoyed, combining an Afghani Indica with a Thai Sativa. A flavour forward hybrid, Juicy Fruit leans towards a Sativa experience. Flavours are sweet and tropical with skunk notes, a truly classic Canadian cannabis offering.