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High Maintenance

High Maintenance sincerely wants to straight up bless your A** with exactly what you need to maintain your high. We believe that affordable, entry level, small batch craft cannabis should be accessible to everyone looking to find their little piece of joy and maintain that high all day long!

Some of the products we helped bring to market:

Guava Cake OG 3.5g

Guava Cake Og was bred in house by Pineapple Buds, a potent cross of Tropical OG and a Wedding Cake pheno. The tropical flavour is highlighted with earthy, piney and sour notes.The flower is is a dense evergreen flower with orange pistils and caked with frosty trichomes.

Honey Lime Kush 3.5g

Honey Lime Kush, a hybrid of Nebulas famous Honey Lime phenotype and “HoneyPot”, fathered by a Kashmiri, results in this potent Indica dominant hybrid with abnormally high trichome production. The dense cannabis flowers are dark and light green in colour and have an aroma of apricot, fig, and sweet clay with distant guava bubblegum notes.