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Master Grower Travis Tully first learned his craft as a teenager over the shoulder of his OG grower Dad, mastering his skills in Kelowna BC over the next 20 years! Travis’ intimate relationship with the cannabis plant extends well beyond their facility to the private garden where Travis is a very humble bee keeper and steward of the land. Okanna Craft is proud to be a grass roots family focused on growing the highest quality medicinal cannabis and now bringing that same attention to quality to the recreational market. "

Some of the products we helped bring to market:

K-Town Kish Pre-Rolls

K-Town Kish is a cross between Kish and Godsbud. This strain was hand-crafted from a legacy grower and used as one of Okanna Craft's pioneer plants on which they based their Micro Cultivation facility. This strain is versatile, with the potential to offer smokers an uplifting, fully-functioning high when used moderately; however, heavy hitters and those who use K-Town Kish vigorously will notice an intense high that lasts at length. Enjoy its fruity, floral nose and taste.

Mac Flurry Pre-Rolls

Mac Flurry was originally grown in Vernon, BC and adopted by Okanna Craft as one of their original starting materials. This genetic was made by crossing the ever popular Mac1 with Peanut Butter Zkittlez, and it results in a bright green bud with pinkish purple hues throughout. The dense nugs are well frosted, and the scent is citrusy and earthy; somewhat reminiscent of iced tea crystals. Now available in convenient Pre-rolls.