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Black Kettle Farms

The cannabis gods broke the mold when they created Surfer Mike from Black Kettle Farms. While other legacy farmers transition to growing a short dense canopy, Mike still grows massive trees using the very same methods he mastered over decades in the legacy market. Mike’s exotic genetics are proving to be some of the most desired flavours on the legal market today.

Some of the products we helped bring to market:

Frosted Kush Cake 3.5g

Frosted Kush Cake, an Indica dominant hybrid, was created when a Wedding Cake clone was introduced to a Katsu Bubba male creating some serious frost, odours and amazing colours from light green to shades of red and purple. With dominant flavours of earthy pine and creamy menthol this offering is sure to please.

Triangle Kush

Triangle Kush is a legacy strain originally from Florida where it was bred by fusing the best versions of OG Kush from three main cannabis producing areas: Tampa, Jacksonville, and Miami. Now re-named for the “Triangle”, this heavy indica strain provides a full flavoured, old school Kush smoking experience. Triangle Kush is an indica hybrid. Its peppery citrus flavour will please even the most experienced connoisseurs.

Grease Monkey x Triple OG 3.5g

Grease Monkey x Triple OG is an indica dominant hybrid bred by Exotic Genetix. This highly potent cultivar smells like diesel mixed with skunk, with dominant notes of earth and a Pinene finish. The buds are olive green and purple, with the colour offset by a thick coating of silvery crystal trichomes and orange pistils. Grease Monkey x Triple OG is a speciality over at Black Kettle Farms, and connoisseurs will not be disappointed.